At the Law Offices of Camilla Lai we lead clients through the intricate maze of Italian laws.

At the Law Offices of Camilla Lai we embody the following values:

–        Personalization: We take the time to get to know clients beyond the contingent matter, building trust and security to offer strategic and tailored solutions.

–        Creativity: We analyze every issue from multiple perspectives to meet clients’ needs while providing honest, sound and ethical legal strategies.

–        Efficiency: We work fast and communicate simply, clearly and honestly.

We build on legal competence acquired in the international arena, and have established working relationships with taxation experts, accountants and public notaries in Italy, Spain, Dubai and the United States.

We believe that the best lawyer is the one who can help the client avoid the courtroom.

Camilla Lai provides legal assistance in Italian, English, Spanish and Arabic.

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