The Law Offices of Camilla Lai assists clients in managing property and transactions in Italy and the United States. It has established working partnerships with notary public firms in Italy and law firms in New York, as well as accountants and taxation experts on both sides of the Ocean. The firm aids individuals and companies buying, selling, renting, letting and recovering (eviction) residential and commercial property in Italy and New York City, obtaining mortgages and establishing the property into trust funds.

The Lai Law Offices also assists foreigners in Rome providing legal advice on lease of short-term property.

For Rome real estate, we partner with Crib Rentals Rome.

The Law Offices of Camilla Lai acts as a safeguard assisting the buyer or seller from the first due diligence procedure and the Italian bureaucracy linked to property records, by drafting the preliminary contract stating the agreed price to the signature of the final sale deed in front of an Italian Notary Public.

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