Having worked for years in matters of estate probate and succession law, Camilla Lai is the knowledgeable attorney individuals need to skillfully plan their estate, anticipating problems before they arise.

The Law Offices of Camilla Lai assists in the drafting of strategic wills and trusts that fit the needs of individuals who want to manage their estate and inheritance assets, offering advice on liability for inheritance taxation in Italy and abroad and providing specialist advice on potential conflicts between common law rules of succession with Italian succession law and the so-called fixed shares to pass to certain family members, notwithstanding a will.

The Law Offices of Camilla Lai also provides clients with all the necessary documents required by Italian law to probate estates, such as affidavits, death certificates, statements of law for the Probate Registry on the distribution to the heirs in Italian succession law, statutory declarations, and bank certificates.

In case of contested wills, we offer tactful representation to the alleged beneficiaries in resolving disputes over the estate. Counselor Camilla Lai has been a judicial appointed Executor in Italy and abroad.

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