Camilla Lai, Attorney At Law Camilla Lai combines deep knowledge of the traditional Italian legal system with international professionalism and American practicality.

Camilla Lai worked as an international lawyer, a diplomat, a jurist, an academic, a researcher, a business manager and a communications specialist while working and living in Europe, the Middle East, the Caribbean and the United States.

In Rome Ms. Lai learned her craft working closely with senior attorneys and notaries, while in New York and at the United Nations she mastered a multi-cultured approach, international expertise and efficiency. In Beirut and Amman, she advised the Ministries of Justice on a re-draft of juvenile justice legislation to conform with international standards on human rights.

She holds a degree in International Jurisprudence from La Sapienza University of Rome, a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from John Cabot University (Rome/Ohio), and a Bachelor of Law (LLB) in Law and International Studies from Coventry, U.K. She was admitted to the New York Law School.

The Law Offices of Camilla Lai is based in Rome with working partnerships in New York City and Dubai, as well as established relationships with taxation experts and public notaries in Italy. Those who worked with her say she “embraces new challenges with enthusiasm, flexibility and energy”.

Camilla Lai is a licensed Attorney with the Italian (n. A39865) and Spanish (C. 87765) Bar Associations and a Mediator with the Italian Ministry of Justice.

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